Voiding Dysfunction Treatment

Voiding Dysfunction basically means the inability to empty the bladder properly. This could be due to two primary reasons. Detrusor Hypoactivity in which the detrusor muscle of the bladder could have become weak and hence the bladder is not able to compress and send urine out. The other important reason could be bladder outlet obstruction where the detrusor muscle is healthy but the voiding is interrupted because of a narrow orifice or urethra.

Voiding dysfunction can occur because of a host of neurological conditions like Multiple sclerosis, Parkinsons disease, Ascending myelits like GBS and so on. Obstruction usually occurs in states where the urethra is devoid of adequate blood flow and atrophies as in Postmenopausal states. Treatment with the laser beam helps in breaking adhesions and relieves obstruction.

Did You Know?
Overactive baldder (OAB) symptoms are more bothersome than SUI due to the unpredictable manner in which they occur. OAB affects quality of life more severely than diabetes.