Kidney Stones

Though kidney stones are more common in men, they do occur from time to time in women. Stones or calculi are concretions of chemicals that occur in the kidneys from dietary minerals in the urine. They can form either in the kidneys, in the bladder or in the ureter.

Kidney stones can be either silent or can cause bothersome symptoms. Stones are usually quiet in the kidney unless they grow to a huge size or cause obstruction to the outflow tract. Stones in the ureter usually cause a lot of pain and bladder stones can cause irritation.

Diagnosis is usually made by ultrasound though sometimes an IVU may be necessary. Treatment usually depends on severity of symptoms, size of stone, location and also compromise of kidney function. The Ho Yag laser beam is ideally suited for removal of stones even up to very large sizes. These stones can be broken by the laser beam and removed easily. Pain is less and the need for stents sometimes is obviated.

Did You Know?
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