Human Chain, Wall Tax Road (opposite to Elephant Gate Police Station) – 4th October, 2010

This “Human Chain” for Awareness on the Wall Tax Road, on October 4th was organized to spread the message that “Incontinence” is in fact a disease and can be helped if not cured. The event was a joint effort by GAURI & Rotary Club of T.Nagar along with Attends Adult Diaper products. This effort was made in honor of World Elders Day which fell on October 1st. Over 700 students from several schools, along with Rotary Club members and volunteers enthusiastically participated in this event by wearing caps, holding banners and placards displaying slogans to promote the cause. Informative flyers in English and Tamil were also distributed to the passersby. An enormous human chain was formed which engulfed the entire Wall Tax Road hence attracting everybody’s attention which eventually was the motive of the effort.