Fibroids Treatment – Laser Myomectomy
Myomas are uterine tumors that occur in the muscle of the uterus. These are benign tumors but are capable of growing to very large sizes. They can cause bleeding, interfere with pregnancy and can also cause intense pain. Laser Myomectomy is the recent standard of care in dealing with these myomas. The myomas are usually surrounded by a capsule. The capsule is traditionally opened by diathermy during Laparoscopy to release the myomas.

In Laser Myomectomy, the Ho Yag laser beam is used to cut the capsule with minimal damage to the surrounding structures. The myoma is then gently teased out with release being aided by the laser.This is done without pulling on the adjacent tissue. The capsule is then closed by using self retaining V-loc sutures.

Did You Know?
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