The Bladder is an unreliable witness. The symptoms in the bladder may not correspond to the findings inside the bladder. People with recurrent urinary tract infections like symptoms, women with blood in urine, severe bladder pain, forgotten foreign bodies in the bladder may all predispose to chronic irritation which may result in bladder cancer. Exposure to aniline dyes like workers in the paint industry, smoking may also predispose. Blood in the urine may be a feature along with severe irritative symptoms like burning and urgency of urine. It is imperative that bladder tumors/cancer are treated at the earliest to avoid morbidity associated with this condition.

The Ho Yag laser beam can be used for underwater resection of bladder tumors. The epithelium (lining of the bladder) is smoothly cored out with minimal damage to the rest of the tissue. The penetration of the beam is precise and cuts with minimal damage to surrounding tissue.